Mergers and Acquisitions

Sell Side Advisory – Portofino has substantial expertise in acting on behalf of target companies, special board committees and selling shareholders.

Buy Side Advisory – With its in-depth tax and legal experience Portofino helps clients to maximize their benefits through innovative deal structuring.

Merger Advisory – Broad experience, deep knowledge and constant professionalism, make Portofino the ideal partner to assist clients in merger transactions both in Israel and globally.


Capital Raising

Portofino’s clients benefit from the Company’s proven track record in capital raising among institutional, public and private investors as well as private equity funds.

Portofino collaborates with family offices and HNWI in executing numerous capital raising transactions through both public issuances and private transactions.


Debt related transactions

Portofino’s team has led numerous non-bank debt issuances via public offerings and private funding.

Portofino offers a full range of debt origination and distribution services with expertise across all bond and loan markets.

Portofino’s know-how is complemented by industry wide contacts, allowing us to design the most appropriate financing structure.



Portofino aims to invest in promising companies led by exceptional entrepreneurs, where a significant growth potential and increasing value can be achieved. We believe that our investment along with our advisory to the company’s founders and officers can be translated into successful expansion and value creation.

The combination of Portofino’s wide range of activities and exposure to variety of investment opportunities, together with its in-depth knowledge, experience & professional analysis are utilized in order to evaluate the level of adequacy to Portofino’s investments criteria.


Technologies and Hi-Tech

Portofino engages in technologies and high-tech, which are an integral part of our world.

Portofino represents entrepreneurs and early-stage companies as well as veteran technologies companies, both in the private and public sectors.

Portofino has experience, knowledge and contacts in the versatile worlds of technology and high-tech, which include Software & Internet, Security, Big Data, Mobile, Telecom, Medical Devices, HLS, Online Marketing, Gaming, etc.


Real Estate

Portofino Real Estate Investment Banking serves the capital and strategic advisory needs of the leading public and private companies throughout the real estate industry.

Portofino’s team provides personal guidance, in-depth analysis and the creative structuring necessary to raise capital.

Portofino’s extensive knowledge for long years of the real estate market gives our clients an access to various types of real estate deals where Portofino’s team provides guidance, and creative solutions  in all of the stages of the negotiation.